The High Bridge

Narrative, 9 min.

Aubrey Joseph in The High Bridge

Short Film

A Bronx teenager reluctantly confronts fatherhood when his young daughter visits her doctor.

Written and directed by Benedict Campbell, The High Bridge is a short film based on the feature length script. The film was produced by John Michael Reefer and stars Aubrey Joseph (‘Cloak’ in Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger series on Freeform). It was selected for the 2018 Filmshop Breakthrough Series and played at the Montclair, Harlem, Lower East Side and Provincetown Film Festivals.

Feature Film

A Bronx teenager is suddenly faced with fatherhood when the mother of his young daughter plans to attend an elite military academy.

Set between two New York City neighborhoods joined by a historic pedestrian bridge, The High Bridge is the story of Abel, a teenager in high school living in the Highbridge neighborhood of the Bronx with his mother. Over the bridge is another teen, Samantha, living with her family in Washington Heights in Manhattan. When Samantha is recruited by West Point, she reveals to Abel that he got her pregnant and enlists his help. She couldn’t tell him before, but Abel has a young daughter.

The High Bridge is a feature film in development. The script was selected for the 2017 Stowe Story Lab and was 1 of 3 narrative scripts presented at the 2017 Filmshop Breakthrough Series.