BlackAuk is a content production company founded by Benedict Campbell and based in New York City. Benedict is a writer and director focused on fictional dramas for short and feature films. His interest in filmmaking grew from photography and he studied film & television at New York University. 

His short film, Lloyd Neck, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and screened at 20 international film festivals. The film won Best Director at the HollyShorts Festival. His short documentary, The Watch & The War, premiered on the watch news website hodinkee.com

He recently completed A Quaker Sound, a short film that screened at the 2017 Provincetown Film Festival. Benedict is a member of the Bronx Filmmakers Collective and was a Teaching Artist at The Ghetto Film School. He is developing The High Bridge, a feature film about a teenager confronting fatherhood in the Bronx.

Benedict's interest in filmmaking grew from working in the darkroom and using film cameras to shoot stills. He shoots primarily on medium format 120mm film using a Mamiya 7 or Mamiya C330. Many of the images are printed photo-chemically in a color lab at 16x20 inches.